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Promec has a stellar track record of handing over large projects, across various sectors, in a timely manner and within budget. The company was established in Limerick in 2014 to provide a complete and comprehensive suite of services to clients nationwide.

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Tom Clifford 

Tom has worked in all sectors for over 20 years, within the mechanical services industry. Tom has a unique skill for  delivering each project; mostly medium to large scale commercial projects, from tender stage to final handover, leaving no stone unturned ensuring that all works are completed by all our employees and sub-contractors to the highest of standards. Tom’s incredible eye for detail ensures that we as a company are constantly striving forward to evolve in making sure our quality control is achieving extreme excellence at all times.

Jonathan McCarthy

Jonathan has also worked in most sectors within the mechanical industry for many years. Jonathan predominantly specialises in dealing with small to medium size projects and also large scale residential housing projects. He has accredited certification in heat pumps, oil installations, gas installations, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic solar panels, domestic heat recovery and demand controlled ventilation and heating controls. Jonathan mainly deals with residential, office fitouts, all renewable and gas installations.


Mission Statement

Having worked from the ground up, we believe that innovation is the key to success. We pride ourselves on constantly upskilling ourselves and our team so that when the latest technology becomes available on the market, we have the training and the competent ability to succeed and carry out these exciting new installation methods with confidence.

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